ASL 135 Core Official Scenarios

ASL Module #1 – Beyond Valour – Boards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 20, 21, 22, 23

ASL1 Fighting Withdrawal 02/09/1941 Sestroretsk Road, Terijoki, Finland
ASL2 Mila 18 18/01/1943 18 Mila, the Warsaw Ghetto, Poland
ASL3 The Czerniakow Bridgehead 22/09/1944 139 Solec, Warsaw, Poland
ASL4 The Commissar’s House 09/11/1942 The Barrikady, Stalingrad, USSR
ASL5 In Sight of the Volga 14/09/1942 Stalingrad, USSR
ASL6 Red Packets 22/06/1941 Zhabinki, USSR
ASL7 Dash for the Bridge 12/09/1944 370 Warzyngota, Warsaw, Poland
ASL8 The Fugitives 03/05/1945 Berlin, Germany
ASL9 To The Square 17/01/1945 Most Slaski Bridge, Warsaw, Poland
ASL10 The Citadel 25/06/1941 The Citadel of Brest-Litovsk, USSR
ASL123 The Borders are Burning 30/11/1939 Kuhmo, Finland
ASL124 On The Borderline 30/11/1939 Artahuhta, Finland
ASL125 First Crisis at Army Group North 25/06/1941 Northeast of Raseiniai, Lithuania
ASL126 Commando Schenke 28/06/1941 Liepaja, Latvia
ASL127 Land Leviathans 03/07/1941 Lipki, USSR
ASL128 The Defense of Luga 19/07/1941 South of Leningrad, USSR
ASL129 Slamming of the Door 17/08/1941 Panikovo Forest, USSR
ASL130 Debacle at Korosten 30/08/1941 Along the Kiev Road, USSR
ASL131 The Penetration of Rostov 24/07/1942 Rostov, USSR
ASL132 Hill 253.5 09/07/1943 Near Ponyri, USSR
ASL133 Block Busting in Bokruisk 29/06/1944 Bokruisk, USSR
ASL134 Counterattack on the Vistula 06/08/1944 Near Wola Chodkowska, Poland
ASL135 Acts of Defiance 27/02/1945 Breslau, Germany
ASL136 The Agony of Doom 19/04/1945 Muncheberg, Germany

ASL Module #2 – Paratroopers – Boards 2, 4, 24

ASL11 Defiance on Hill 30 08/06/1944 Near Pont l’Abbe, France
ASL12 Confusion Reigns 07/06/1944 Sainte Mère-Église, France
ASL13 Le Manoir 06/06/1944 East of La Fiere, France
ASL14 Silence that Gun 06/06/1944 Foucarville, France
ASL15 Trapped! 08/06/1944 Saint Come-du-Mont, France
ASL16 No Better Spot to Die 07/06/1944 La Fiere, France
ASL17 Lost Opportunities 06/06/1944 Sainte Mère-Église, France
ASL18 The Roadblock 06/06/1944 Neuville-au-Plain, France

ASL Module #3 – Yanks! – Boards 16, 17, 18, 19

ASL19 Backs to the Sea 06/06/1944 Pointe-du-Hoc, France
ASL20 Taking the Left Tit 11/05/1944 Santa Maria Infante, Italy
ASL21 Among the Ruins 17/10/1944 Aachen, Germany
ASL22 Kurhaus Clash 18/10/1944 Aachen, Germany
ASL23 Under the Noel Trees 25/12/1944 Champs, Belgium
ASL24 The Mad Minute 03/01/1945 Longchamps, Belgium
ASL25 Gavin’s Gamble 20/09/1945 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
ASL26 Tanks in the Street 11/10/1944 Bardenberg, Germany

ASL Module #4 – Partisan! – Boards 10, 32

ASL27 The Liberation of Tulle 07/06/1944 Tulle, France
ASL28 Ambush! 29/03/1942 Thrace, Bulgarian-Occupied Greece
ASL29 The Globus Raid 06/06/1944 Copenhagen, Denmark
ASL30 Sylvan Death 01/05/1944 Bessarabia, Romania
ASL31 The Old Town 12/08/1944 Warsaw, Poland
ASL32 Subterranean Quarry 01/01/1944 3 miles Southwest of Kerch, Crimea
ASL33 The Cossacks are Coming 17/08/1944 Palesnik, Croatia
ASL34 A New Kind of Foe 24/06/1941 Seirijai, Lithuania

ASL Module #5 – West of Alamein – Boards 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

ASL35 Blazin’ Chariots 19/11/1941 5 miles northeast of Gabr Saleh, Libya
ASL36 Rachi Ridge 12/11/1943 Leros, Greece
ASL37 Khamsin 13/06/1942 25 miles south of Tobruk, Libya
ASL38 Escape from Derna 07/04/1941 Derna, Libya
ASL39 Turning the Tables 31/03/1941 Mersa el Brega, Libya
ASL40 Fort McGregor 26/02/1943 5 miles south of Medjez el Bab, Tunisia
ASL41 A Bridgehead Too Wet 22/03/1943 West of Wadi Zigzaou, Tunisia
ASL42 Point of No Return 23/11/1941 6½ miles east of Sidi Rezneg, Libya

ASL Module #6 – The Last Hurrah – Boards 3, 11, 33

ASL43 Into The Fray 01/09/1939 Krojanty, Poland
ASL44 The Gauntlet 09/04/1940 Hamar-Elverum Road, Norway
ASL45 Revenge At Kastelli 20/05/1941 Kastelli, Crete
ASL46 Birds Of Prey 11/05/1940 Briedgen, Belgium
ASL47 Rude Awakening 09/04/1941 Alibunara, Yugoslavia
ASL48 Toujours L’Audace 10/05/1940 Witry, Belgium
ASL49 Piercing The Peel 10/05/1940 Gennap, The Netherlands
ASL50 Age Old Foes 27/09/1939 Przemysl, Poland

ASL Module #7 – Hollow Legions – Boards 30, 31

ASL51 The Taking of Takrouna 20/04/1943 Takrouna, Tunisia
ASL52 Too Little, Too Late 09/09/1943 Parma, Italy
ASL53 A High Price to Pay 10/07/1943 Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
ASL54 Bridge to Nowhere 12/08/1941 Yasnaya Polyana, Ukraine, USSR
ASL55 Retribution 11/07/1943 Palma di Montechiaro, Sicily, Italy
ASL56 Half a Chance 19/11/1941 Bir el Gubi, Libya
ASL57 The Battle for Rome 10/09/1943 Porta San Paolo, Rome, Italy
ASL58 Ci Arrendiamo 07/02/1941 Sidi Saleh, Libya

ASL Module #8 – Code of Bushido – Boards 34, 35, 36, 37

ASL59 Smertniki 13/08/1945 6 miles north of Mutanchiang, Manchukuo
ASL60 On the Kokoda Trail 09/08/1942 Deniki, Papua New Guinea
ASL61 Shoestring Ridge 24/11/1944 Damulaan, Leyte, The Philippines
ASL62 Bungle in the Jungle 06/03/1942 Payagyi, Burma
ASL63 The Eastern Gate 07/02/1944 11 miles northeast of Maungdaw, Burma
ASL64 Hazardous Occupation 12/09/1942 Tamparan, Mindanao, Philippines
ASL65 Red Star, Red Sun 05/07/1939 8 miles southwest of Nomonhan, Manchukuo
ASL66 The Bushmasters 24/05/1944 12 miles southeast of Sarmi, New Guinea

ASL Module #9 – Gung Ho! – Boards 38, 39

ASL67 Cibik’s Ridge 22/11/1943 Bougainville, Solomon Islands
ASL68 The Rock 06/05/1942 Corregidor, Philippines
ASL69 Today We Attack 29/03/1942 6 miles north of Toungoo, Burma
ASL70 KP 167 22/01/1942 3 miles east of Mauban, Bataan
ASL71 Jungle Citadel 09/12/1944 Bhamo, Burma
ASL72 Sea of Tranquility 07/10/1944 Peleliu, Palau Islands
ASL73 Hell or High Water 01/11/1943 Cape Torokina, Bougainville, Solomon Islands
ASL74 Bloody Red Beach 21/07/1944 Guam, the Marianas

ASL Module #10 – Croix de Guerre – Boards 40, 41

ASL75 Strangers in a Strange Land 13/05/1940 Elvegardsmoen, Norway
ASL76 End of the Ninth 18/05/1940 Catelet, France
ASL77 Le Herisson 05/06/1940 Hangest, France
ASL78 Encounter at Cornimont 20/06/1940 Cornimont, France
ASL79 Bridge of the Seven Planets 03/06/1940 Les Sept-Planetes, France
ASL80 Play Ball 08/11/1942 Mehdis, Morocco
ASL81 Fratricidal Fighting 20/06/1941 6 miles south of Damascus, Syria
ASL82 For Honor Alone 20/06/1941 Saumur, France

ASL Module #11 – Doomed Battalions – Boards 9, 11, 33, 44, 45

ASL83 An Uncommon Occurrence 05/09/1939 Western Outskirts of Piotrkow, Poland
ASL84 Round One 08/09/1939 Ochota District, Warsaw, Poland
ASL85 No Way Out 09/09/1939 Pilatka, Poland
ASL86 Fighting Back 09/09/1939 Leczyka, Poland
ASL87 Good Night, Sweet Prince 09/04/1940 Haderslev, Denmark
ASL88 Art Nouveau 10/05/1940 Mont-Le-Ban, Belgium
ASL89 Rescue Attempt 13/05/1940 Wulmerson, Belgium
ASL90 Pride and Joy 17/11/1940 Koritsa, Greece

ASL Module #5b – For King and Country – Boards 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 32

ASL91 Ad Hoc at Beaurains 21/05/1940 Beaurains, France
ASL92 Stand Fast the Guards 23/05/1940 Boulogne, France
ASL93 Tavronitis Bridge 20/05/1941 West of Maleme, Crete
ASL94 Bofors Bashing 20/05/1941 Maleme Airfield, Crete
ASL95 Descent into Hell 20/05/1941 Maleme, Crete
ASL96 The Crux of Calais 25/05/1940 Calais, France
ASL97 A Desparate Affair 20/05/1941 Heraklion, Crete
ASL98 On Silent Wings 20/05/1941 South of Canea, Crete
ASL99 Probing Layforce 28/05/1941 Babali Hani, Crete
ASL100 Regalbuto Ridge 31/07/1943 Regalbuto, Italy
ASL101 Throwing Down the Gauntlet 06/06/1944 Varaville, France
ASL102 Point of the Sword 06/06/1944 Langrune-Sur-Mer, France
ASL103 A Day by the Shore 07/06/1944 Franceville-Plage, France
ASL104 Hill of Death 11/07/1944 Hill 112, near Caen, France
ASL105 Going to Church 01/08/1944 St. Martin-De-Fontenay, France
ASL106 Kangaroo Hop 17/09/1944 Mont Lambert, France
ASL107 Tettau’s Attack 18/09/1944 West of Arnhem, The Netherlands
ASL108 Guards Attack 18/09/1944 near Aalst, The Netherlands
ASL109 Dreil Team 22/09/1944 South of Dreil, The Netherlands
ASL110 North Bank 24/09/1944 Oosterbeek, The Netherlands

ASL Module #12 – Armies of Oblivion – Boards 48, 49, 50, 51

ASL111 Balkan Sideshow 13/04/1941 Szenttanas, Yugoslavia
ASL112 Out of Cowardice 13/04/1941 Senta, Yugoslavia
ASL113 Liberating Bessarabia 05/07/1941 Branzeni, Bessarabia
ASL114 Cautious Crusaders 23/07/1941 Lipovic, Ukraine, USSR
ASL115 Huns of Steel 18/07/1942 Uriv, USSR
ASL116 The Sixth Blow 12/07/1944 Skopce, Poland
ASL117 With Tigers On Their Tail 23/07/1944 Saturnia, Galacia
ASL118 Downsizing the Uprising 09/09/1944 Vrutky, Slovakia
ASL119 Ancient Feud, Cluj 11/10/1944 Aphadia, east of Cluj, Transylvania
ASL120 Return to Sender 14/10/1944 Kocane, east of Nish, Serbia
ASL121 End Station Budapest 15/01/1945 Budapest, Hungary

ASL Module #13 – Hakkaa Päälle – Board 52 (Not released yet)

3 thoughts on “ASL 135 Core Official Scenarios

    • Hey Kevin, thanks for your message. Scenario 122 was published in ASL Journal #8, and is titled “Bloody Bois Jacques” right? ASJ122 according to our naming convention. Or are you referring to the “122 – Extra-curricular activity” supposedly published in ASL Journal #7? => We are obviously very interested 🙂 We’ve got other scenarios up to ASL136, and definitely keen to know more about your series up to 144! I realise these are additional series issued by MMP for the 3rd edition of Doomed Battalions. Be in touch please.

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