Dalian Plant

There are only four Capture points on this map, so being able to get to them quickly is the key to victory. The closest Capture Point to both the PRC and the USMC is called the Main Entrance, but this won’t be the one that you want to focus your efforts on. The other neutral Capture Point contains the only air vehicle on the map – a helicopter. The helicopter won’t spawn until one team has control of the CP, so trying to outright steal it won’t work. Getting control of this point and attacking from the air gives you a big advantage. It is a good idea to send the bulk of your force after this Capture Point at the beginning and a small force after the Main Entrance in an effort to secure both. Make sure you hop into vehicles, there is a lot of space to cover for a map with only 16 players, and solitary infantry will quickly be mowed down by the many turrets and vehicles spread throughout the map.

A good idea for soldiers tasked with guarding Capture Points is to go up into the buildings and wait for unsuspecting infantry to come into your range. The building will keep you out of site and give you some protection against the many vehicles that will be zipping around the course.

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