Hypothetical conflicts

There are a number of interesting titles dealing with hypothetical conflicts, in the sense of future ones. In that regard, World War III is probably one of the most common themes, involving significant nuclear firepower, as well as other advanced weaponry and electronic warfare. There is a nice page on Boardgamegeek listing some prominent board games dealing with WW3, and we’d like to list here those which are really worth spending a few bucks and spending your week-ends on.

Cold War

World War 3

  • The Third World War by GDW Game, back in 1984, operational level in central Europe. 3 extensions are also available: Southern Front (race to the Turkish straits), Persian Gulf and Arctic Front. A bit outdated but still fun to play.
  • The Fleet Series by Victory Games, starting with 6th fleet in the Mediterranean basin, covers naval operations in the modern era and various WW3 conflicts between modern super-powers. Other extensions are 2nd Fleet (North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans), 5th Fleet (Indian Ocean), 7th Fleet (Pacific Ocean) and 3rd Fleet (North Pacific, Caribbean region, and eastern Atlantic)
  • The Next War by SPI, back in 1978, European theatre
  • Gulf Strike, WW3 in the Persian Gulf by Victory Games, a visionary title published in 1983, 7 years before the invasion of Kuweit. Extension Desert Shield was published in 1990 … of course. Extension Aegean Strike covers the spread of the conflict in the mediterranean basin.
  • World at War Series by Lock’N Load Publishing, takes you on a tactical level, across about 10 titles to date since 2007. Robust and fun to play.

Other open simulations

  • RISK – We have to mention this highly popular title from Hasbro here, as it has been a preferred gateway to wargaming for a lot of young fellows. Plus it now enjoys a number of variants involving advanced warfare. Special mention for RISK – Balance of Powers issued in 2008 for 2 players. See a full history of Risk here.
  • SUPREMACY has been a more confidential title, a more subtle version of RISK, including resource management, world economy, satellites and nuclear warfare. Amazing, learn more on our dedicated page here.

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