El Agheila

EL AGHEILA –13 turns
Decisive: hold all objectives by end of turn 13.
Marginal: hold Tobruk by end of turn 13.

ALLIES: Here the Brits have their first stab at the Afrika Korps, though there are plenty of Mussolini’s “finest” still about. The first imperative is to keep the Axis out of Tobruk and parts east; the second is to move forward and take Mersa Brega and El Agheila. Fortifying Benghazi helps; though it is not an objective, the Axis tends to get a bit distracted trying to take it, especially if it is well-defended.

AXIS: You could probably roll into Tobruk in five turns if you had real troops rather than the Italians. However, you still have superior German arms (both armor and infantry), and careful use of the Luftwaffe should result in air supremacy. Ignore the towns in the north; the Brits surely will, and you cannot afford the distraction. The same goes for Benghazi; screen it, but don’t touch it unless it is ill-defended. Keep some artillery around El Agheila to assist in defense in case the Brits somehow break through.

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