Fushe Pass

There are only three Capture Points on this map, with each team controlling one to start. That doesn’t mean you should just go for the Island Capture Point that begins neutral. If you keep the bulk of your force at your starting base to man the turrets and machine guns, you should have the beginnings of a solid defense. As the enemy attempts to capture the neutral point, send a light strike force (this is what Special Forces are meant for) to sneak in behind the enemy and capture their base. This will leave them with only the Island Capture Point and no vehicles! From there, it is only a matter of loading up in the heavy tanks and APCs to mop up the stunned opponent.

Once you are in the enemy’s base, don’t forget to take out their UAV and Artillery structures to prevent them from mustering up an effective counterattack. If you decide to just attack the neutral base at the beginning, at least send Special Forces to destroy the bridges. This will prevent the enemy from sending a host of vehicles in to your unprotected base without at least stopping to for repairs.

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