Star Wars – Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War is a 2006 real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Petroglyph Games and published by LucasArts. Set between Episode III and Episode IV, it focuses on the fledgling struggle between the Empire and the Rebels. It uses Petroglyph’s game engine Alamo. The most recent patch was released on July 20, 2006. In October 2006, an expansion entitled Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption was released.

There are three game modes: storyline-based Campaign, Galactic Conquest and Skirmish. Battles can take place on a planet (land battle) or above the planet (space battle). Land battles are fought with infantry and ground vehicle units, while space battles are fought with starfighter squadrons and large spacecraft.

The game’s plot is that of the Galactic Civil War and the construction of the Death Star. It occurs during the events leading up to “A New Hope”.

In the Rebel campaign, the fledgling Rebel Alliance begin with an attack on the shipyards at Kuat introducing the player to basic space combat before infiltrating the planet of Wayland on a basic ground combat mission. The campaign explores how the X-Wing is pressed into the service of the Rebel Alliance, the liberation of Kashyyyk, the first whisperings of a brand new Imperial superweapon and ultimately the Battle of Yavin.

Rebel missions

  1. First Battle of Kashyyyk
  2. Shipyard Diversion
  3. Interpreting the Network
  4. Theft of the X-Wing
  5. Kessel Rescue
  6. Stealing from the Rich
  7. Imperial Liberation
  8. Highest Bidder
  9. Rescue the Millennium Falcon
  10. Needle in a Haystack
  11. Borrowed Time
  12. Handle with Care!
  13. The Defense of Mon Calamari
  14. The Final Battle (The Battle of Yavin)

The Imperial campaign features Darth Vader and his search for the fledgling Rebel Alliance, interspersed with missions to help complete construction of the Death Star. It then transpires that the plans for the Death Star have been stolen so the player has to seek out the traitor who has passed the plans to the Rebels, intercept Princess Leia and then use the Death Star to crush the Alliance once and for all.

Imperial missions

  1. Battle of Ryloth
  2. Taking Thyferra
  3. Crush. Kill. Destroy.
  4. Rooting Out the Pirates
  5. The Pirate Menace
  6. Subjugating Geonosis
  7. Attack on Mon Calamari
  8. Trouble on Kashyyyk
  9. A New Weapon of War
  10. The Rebel Fortress
  11. The Traitorous Moff
  12. An Engagement with the Emperor
  13. Capturing a Princess
  14. The Destruction of Alderaan
  15. End of the Rebellion


  • Forces of corruption: Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is a 2006 expansion pack for the computer game Star Wars: Empire at War. It adds the “Zann Consortium” as a third faction and holds an average rating of 77% at Gamerankings. Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption adds organized crime as a third faction. Pirates had previously been present as a type of moderately-armed speed bump. The Zann Consortium is an invented side, notionally outside the good-evil dichotomy but willing to go to any lengths for a profit. The Consortium has a full-fledged campaign that’s set in the background of the film trilogy. Its specialty is “corruption:” it can conquer planets traditionally, but also gain bonuses from enemy-controlled worlds by having its infiltrators conduct any of several kinds of missions such as bribery, sabotage or piracy. Several mission types cause a small battle. It also has a mish-mash set of original units: A ring of raiders, renegades and ruffians eventually expands to eclectic exotic equipment as the Consortium appropriates everything it can lay its hands on. Crowd-pleasers include Rancor riders, surviving Droidekas and, if a “slavery” mission is performed on the forest moon of Endor, suicide bomber Ewoks.

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