Mashtuur City

Without any air power available, the battles on this map are going to be close range and bloody. Each team is started with one Capture Point and will battle for control over two neutral ones. Each team will quickly collect one of the neutral points, and then do battle across two bridges. Defending one Capture Point while trying to cross a bridge to attack can be a tricky task, especially with only 8 players on your team. If you find yourself having trouble, blow up one of the bridges with C4. The trench running below the bridges will provide a natural defense while you send your forces across the other bridge.

It is important to be wary when crossing any bridge. They act as choke points and your enemy is certainly going to lay traps at any point they know you will try to cross. Watch out for tanks camped on the opposite side as well as mines lying on the bridge. Engineers are very helpful on this map. They allow you to lay mines as well as repair anything the enemy has decided to destroy.

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