Sidi Barrani

Decisive: hold all objectives by end of turn 6.
Marginal: hold all objectives by end of turn 10.

ALLIES: Your have two objectives to deal with: Tobruk and Benghazi. The forces you face are inferior Italian units; however, you have but a handful of units yourself. Your artillery will carry the day at Tobruk. Benghazi is a different matter. A good strategy is to send a few fast tracked units, such as the Mark I A9 and infantry in Bren carriers, through the desert and come up to Benghazi from the south, while pushing your slower units along the coast road, catching Benghazi in a pincer.

AXIS: Your objective is, as usual, to keep at least one objective. Your best bet is Benghazi. If at any point you have the prestige to purchase an artillery unit (any artillery unit), build it in Benghazi, and flank it with both infantry and anti-tank guns. If you are very lucky, you may hold off the Brits long enough…







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