Operation Cleansweep

This map is fun to play because even though it is only a 16 player map, it is an Assault game type where the USMC has control over an uncapturable base. Even though the MEC starts off with 3 Capture Points, this still works out to being an even fight. Both sides are equipped with good air support and need to make use of it if they have any hopes of winning.

Even though the USMC base is uncapturable, you shouldn’t leave it totally empty. The MEC can (and should) attack the base and disable the UAV trailer, Radar, and Artillery. The Commander should choose the Engineering Kit and stay behind hidden to make any repairs as they become necessary. The rest of the team should use the UAV information to plan the attack. Go after whichever base looks to be the easiest mark. From there, coordinate attacks on the remaining Capture Points.

A small MEC Special Forces squad should try to wreak havoc whenever possible on the USMC base by destroying key structures and vehicles (try loading up vehicles with C4 and then detonating it after they load up with troops). Don’t just sit around and wait for the battle to come to you. By attacking the USMC base, you can prevent them from ever gaining a foothold on your island. This will work out nicely with a Ticket drain in your favor.

Don’t forget that you can use the boats, APCs, and aircraft to traverse the water. Use the right vehicle for the job. Use Boats for fast and quiet insertions and the APCs and Helicopters to transport entire squads.

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