Replay: OOB WW2 Blitzkieg – Invasion of Poland

I have recently put my hands on this great multi-platform game, now available through Steam: Order of Battle WW2. It nicely refreshes the genre, along the same line as Panzer General and the more recent PanzerCorps for instance.


The game offers several campaigns, across all the theatres of war, available as DLC via steam. By default, it offers a really good Pacific campaign, but today I want to talk about the BLITZKRIEG one, obviously set in Europe and simulating the beginning of the war with the invasion of Poland and France.


The whole operation was code named Fall Weiss, or Case White, and consisted in a pincer manoeuvre towards Varsaw, from the North and from the South.


Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.59.16 pm.png

Like in PanzerCorps, but also more ambitious games such as Hearts of Iron, the campaign part of the game offers the ability to make decisions regarding the effort of war, and where to invest resources in terms of technologies or policies. You can spend specialisation points (SP) which will be acquired by winning battles. Simple yet compelling enough.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 8.55.08 am.png

But we can look at that later, and jump into the first battle, to be welcomed by Field Marshal Von Bock, who briefs us on the assault to be driven towards the Polish capital city of Warsaw. The Army Group North has met a strong defensive position around the town of Mlawa, and this needs to be unlocked.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.01.19 pm.png

At the same time, further East, another crossing point of the Orzyc river has to be secured, by taking the village of Chorzele. This will allow all German columns, under the command of x, to head down to the city of Przasnysz, capture its airport, and get one step closer to Warsaw.



As the game starts, the troops on the ground prove a bit thin, given the unexpected resistance, not to mention the absence of significant air support. We have:

  • 3x standard Wechmacht infantry units ’39
  • 1x engineers unit ’40
  • 3x panzer units: A PzKw II and two PzKw38(t) A
  • 1x 7.5cm infantry support gun IeIG 18
  • 1x squadron of Messerschmitt Bf 109 stationed in the northern settlement of Neidenburg

This is clearly not enough to crack through to Warsaw, and we’ll have to count on reinforcements, plus some extra purchases. Turns out I waited until turn 9 to purchase a few more Panzer units, and I should have done that straight from turn 1. Anyway!

This is the video replay of my first stab at this battle.

In conclusion, I clearly mucked around in Mlawa, failing to coordinate the action of my 3 initial Panzers and loosing 2 of them as a result. That plus late reinforcements costed me at least 4 turns to secure the area, and a lot of resource points spent in reinforcements. I could not secure the airport of Przasnysz in a timely manner. Victory was mine nevertheless, and to no one’s surprise, with other primary and secondary goals ticked:




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