Zatar wetlands

Each team starts on an even playing field on opposite sides of the sole neutral base. The special thing about this map is that the neutral base contains the only aircraft available on the map – a helicopter. By quickly striking this neutral base and gaining a foothold, you’ll have all the ammunition you need to launch a final assault on their base.

When you do launch your assault on their main base, remember the benefits of flanking your opponent. By sending two separate attack squads you can successfully hit your opponent on their soft side. Send your main squad with the helicopter to attack through the main roads. Have the helicopter rain down fire ahead of your advancing troops to give them a clear path. At the same time, send your second squad in for an amphibious attack. As the full army swings to meet your first squad, you can attack them from the side where they will be defenseless.

If you end up losing the fight for the central island, buckle down in your base. Have someone man the anti-aircraft turret so that you can shoot down the helicopter before it can wreak havoc on you. As soon as you have stopped their first assault, launch a counterattack before they can regroup.

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