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Go Prone
When you are prone, you accomplish two very important things. First, you are a smaller, more difficult to hit target. Never under-estimate the benefits of crawling while you are prone for this reason. Sure, it takes longer, but if it keeps you from getting killed because you aren’t seen, it’s well worth it. Second, your weapon is more steady and therefore accurate and you will get more kills. I have heard that you can also go prone when running down a steep hill, and you will slide down instead of falling and getting injured.

Take Cover
Use cover to your advantage. Don’t just stop in the middle of the road or street and start firing or you won’t last long.

Use Sprint Wisely
No, not your cell phone, wiseguy – when you double-tap your “move forward” key, or hit the “sprint” key (default is SHIFT) you will “sprint” at a much faster pace. On the lower left corner of your screen, you will see how much sprinting power that you have. Different units have different amounts. Use your sprint power wisely by sprinting to some cover, and waiting for your power meter to replenish fully, then sprint to the next cover, and so on. That way, you will be ready in case you have to sprint farther than you thought, or have to sprint back to cover.

Use Single Shot
If you select again a weapon you have already selected, you can switch between single-shot or full automatic mode. Most players leave their weapons in full auto. However, there is an accuracy penalty when in full auto. In single shot mode you are more accurate with each shot, and this is doubly true if you are prone. At very close range, it won’t make much difference, but at more than 10 yds, consider going single shot and going for the head.

Use Short Bursts in Full Auto
Even if you prefer being in full auto all the time, use short, controlled bursts rather than just holding down the fire key. You’ll be much more accurate and it will give you time to re-orient your crosshairs, which will climb higher and higher as you fire. If your enemy is prone, shoot a few yards ahead of them so the rise will get them right in the head!

Use Your Sights
When you right-click, you look through the gunsights, which makes you more accurate, especially at longer range.

Shoot for the Head
Even if you aren’t a sniper, fire at someone’s head rather than at their body, which may have body armor depending on the unit class of the enemy and may take several rounds to penetrate.

Fire Wisely
Shoot only if you have a chance at actually taking your enemy down. Don’t just fire at them because you can see them, because now they can see you. Wait until they are within a range that you could actually get a kill before opening fire.

Use Grenades
If your enemy has good cover, or you can’t tell exactly where he is, toss a grenade his way to flush him out or soften him up for a rush attack.

Reload Often
Don’t wait for the automatic reload if you are running low on ammo. Get to a stopping point with some cover, and reload so that you won’t get stuck in the middle of a firefight with no bullets.

Switch to Pistol When Reloading
If you find yourself out of ammo in your main weapon, and your enemy is still not down, it is faster to pull out your pistol and use it than to wait on the reload.

Switch to Knife at Close Range
If you are at very close range, try switching to knife. In most cases, it will take out your enemy quicker than firing at them.

Use Teamwork
Teamwork is the key to this game. If you go lone wolf, you aren’t going to get far against a coordinated attack. Join a squad, pick a unit that isn’t already being used in the squad, stick with your squad, and by all means TALK to your squad members. It’s far better to have 6 guys descend on an entrenched position than one. Enemies drop quicker when there are several of your teammates firing at them.

If All Else Fails, Bunny Hop!
This sounds ridiculous, but it helps. If an enemy is shooting at you, and you are on the move, JUMP! They stand a much lower change of hitting you when you are jumping than when you are standing, walking, or running.

If You Aren’t a Shooter, Do Support!
If you aren’t that good at getting in the middle of a firefight and taking down your opposition, play a support role. Never under-estimate the value of having someone on a squad who can revive dead teammates, repair vehicles, or re-supply ammunition. But a word of caution – if you are playing a support unit, don’t be the first guy to rush into an enemy position. You don’t have the firepower to defend yourself as well as the Spec-Ops and Assault guys. Let them go first, and you keep them covered.

Know Your Maps
This comes down to Practice Practice Practice. Know your maps and where you should and should not go when assaulting a position. This is an invaluable tool in the game.

Be Patient
Avoid what Rupert calls the IGGYS Syndrome, or the “I’m gonna get you, sucka” syndrome. This is where you are so focused on getting a particular enemy that you forget to look around and see who else is around you who can get YOU.

Be Flexible
Different situations require different units. For example, if you are in a street-fight map and your team has access to very little armor, you aren’t going to get much use out of an engineer. By the same token, if there is lots of enemy armor, your going to be invaluable as an anti-tank unit. Be flexible and willing to change your unit class to address the situation.

Don’t Waltz in the Front Door
When attacking a position, don’t just waltz in the front door. That’s where the enemy will be expecting you! Go the back or side way and flank your enemy. You’re much more likely to surprise them and take them out.

Watch Your Screen
Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who still choose to use text messaging only, and not VOIP. So watch your screen. Your teammates or Squad Leader may be talking to you!

Watch the Uniforms
With the ever-present red tag bug that just won’t go away, it is all the more important to watch the uniform of the person you are shooting at. The Chinese/MEC uniforms are dark, while the US uniforms are light. Look for the uniforms first, and the red tag second, and you will be ahead of the game.

Shoot Vehicles in the Back
The rear of the vehicles is the weakest point. Go for the rear first!

Don’t Shoot Armored Vehicles with Your Gun
You’re wasting ammo and giving away your position. Your gun won’t penetrate an armored vehicle. Use your grenades or call for an anti-tank unit.


Spec-Ops Class
-C4 Sticks to everything.
-Don’t get too charge happy at enemy positions – you don’t have any body armor. Let the assault guys be the first at the flag and follow right behind them.

Sniper Class
-Stay low and hidden whenever possible, which means staying where you don’t create a profile against the sky where you can easily be seen from a distance.
-Shoot for the head. If you don’t have a head shot, don’t bother because likelihood is that you will only get one shot if you hit them in the torso.

Anti-Tank Class
-This is some people’s favorite class because it has a decent gun, plus the ability to take out armor.
-Keep a support class guy nearby for when you run out of rockets.
-Don’t waste your rockets on the front of an armored vehicle. See if you can flank him or get him from the rear, where you will be more likely to destroy the vehicle.

Assault Class
-Some members will tell you that this is the only class to play if you are fighting other infantry. You have body armor that the Spec-Ops guys don’t, and a reasonably powerful weapon with a grenade launcher. What more could you want?

Medic Class
-You can use your wands to kill an enemy at close range, but don’t wait until you are right behind him – he’ll hear the charge and turn on you.
-You can heal from any position, including prone.
-Don’t be the first guy charging the flag – you need to be there to revive them when they get blown away!

Support Class
-In close combat (<10 yds) don’t use your sights, and aim for the upper thighs.
-In combat with enemies who are 10-50 yds, go prone, aim for the upper thighs if upright. Use short bursts of about 5 shots per burst.
-In combat with enemies who are more than 50 yds away, HIDE or use your pistol. You probably aren’t going to kill them with the SAW. Surprisingly, the pistol is more accurate at this range.
-Drop ammo packs early and often. You will get re-supply points. Dropping at a recently capped flag will normally get you some points.
-Don’t rush the flags. Your SAW is so inaccurate it is best used to cover the guys who are rushing the flag.

Engineer Class
-In close combat (<10 yds), be patient and aim your shotgun carefully. Go for the head.
-In combat with enemies who are 10-50 yds, use your pistol, use your grenades, and use cover carefully.
-Pick up mines laid by the other side that are in the way of your vehicles. You get points!
-Don’t mine an entire entrance. Your guys won’t be able to get through.
-You can repair in any position, including prone.
-Keep in mind mines need about 5 seconds to activate, so don’t think you can use them like a spec-ops C4 package to take down a moving tank.
-If you are doing a lot of repairs, you will need to �reload� your wrench occasionally, either from a support class buddy, or from a supply drop.


Get Cozy With an Engineer
If you aren’t in the engineer class, keep tabs on who else in your squad is an engineer because you need their help after a firefight to maintain the utility of your vehicle. If there aren’t any engineers (and they are scarce!), stay close to a repair facility where you can get repairs, or call for a supply drop so you can get repairs that way.

Watch Your Six
If you are in a vehicle, take advantage of your camera views and watch around you. The Spec-Ops guys can sneak right up behind you and get you with C4 if you are looking the other way through your gun portal.

Practice Vehicle Etiquette
Let’s face it – there are only so many vehicles on the screen at once, and they are in demand. If you notice someone waiting for a particular vehicle to spawn, it’s probably because he just got killed in that vehicle and is ready to hit the enemy with round 2. Be courteous and don’t try to nudge your way into the vehicle first. Remember, you are all on the same team! This is doubly true with helicopters, since it truly takes 2 people to run one, and the team is much more effective if the pilot and gunner can communicate. Since the only way this will happen is if they are on the same squad, give a 2-man team waiting for the helicopter the nod, rather than trying to force your way into the group. Also, keep in mind that if you see a stationary vehicle with someone manning the gun, he is probably there for a reason (like defending a flag), and doesn’t want you to hop in and drive it off. Chat with the gunner before driving off with his vehicle.

Use Vehicles Wisely
Some people will use any equipment available as transportation to get from point A to point B, and just abandon the equipment once they are there. Tanks, APC, Helicopters, and jeeps are routinely used for transportation only. This is a bad strategy because it deprives other players of the real value of that equipment.

Use Stationary Vehicle Guns
The guns on any vehicle – even the jeep – are better than your shouldered gun, so don’t hesitate to use a mounted gun on a vehicle to protect a flag, even if there isn’t anyone driving.

Shoot Wisely
As noted in the general strategy hints, since the mounted guns (with the exception of the tank’s main gun) are automatic only, use short bursts and aim lower than you want to hit. You will be more accurate, and the “heat” meter won’t get too high and freeze your gun up in the middle of a firefight, which can be terminal for you. With the Blackhawk mini-guns, you have to plan ahead because they take a second for the barrels to start spinning. Keep in mind that you can take an enemy out while he is in a vehicle, so if you concentrate on the driver or gunner first, you can stop an attack without having to destroy the vehicle.

Keep moving
A stationary vehicle is a sitting duck. If you are firing at someone, keep moving so they can’t shoot you as easily. Circle them while firing if possible. Otherwise, unless you are capping a flag, keep moving so you don’t become a target.

Steal Enemy Vehicles
Don’t hesitate to take an enemy’s vehicle if they get out, or if it spawns at their flag. As long as you are using that vehicle, another one won’t spawn for them, which gives your team an advantage. If you are an engineer, you can take even heavily damaged vehicles and fix them.

Be a Gunner
Tanks really need a gunner on top to keep them informed about what is happening around the tank. So if you see a tank with no gunner, don’t hesitate to jump on board and help your buddy out.

When you are a gunner on a tank, you can duck inside the turret with the CTRL key. Use this whenever you are in a fight with another armored vehicle. Your machine gun won’t penetrate the armored vehicle anyway, and it keeps you from getting blown to bits by heavy armor.

If you hear the vehicle alarm, that doesn’t just mean you need repairs, it means it is about to BLOW! So get out immediately and RUN! If you just stand there outside the vehicle, or wait too long to get out, the explosion of the vehicle will kill you.

Use the APC Portals
In an APC, if you aren’t in the #1 position, you are inside, but you can see out of the portals. You can fire at anything you see through the portals, so use them. You can alternate sides or rear of the vehicle by pressing the F2-F5 keys to keep the APC protected, and it will help keep those pesky Spec-Ops guys from blowing up your APC.

Use Your Helicopter Camera Views
When you are a gunner or a pilot in a helicopter, take advantage of the “C” key which will get that pesky nose out of your view where you have an uninterrupted view of what is around you. As a gunner, you will be able to see (and therefore shoot) a lot more without the nose in your way.

Use the Helicopter Missiles
This is an art. As the gunner, when you right-click, it opens up a camera view for you to fire an armor-piercing missile, which is guided by your mouse. Don’t worry too much about mouse guiding, however, because the missile moves so quickly that you can only make very minor (and very quick) adjustments in trajectory. The missile camera is a very small field of view, and requires that the chopper be very steady. This can only be done accurately if the pilot and gunner are communicating, because the pilot has a small window in his view called the “gunner view,” which is the camera view of the missile. The pilot must line this up on a target and keep it steady, and tell the gunner so he can switch to the missile and fire it off. If done right, this can make your chopper a very deadly weapon indeed.

Practice Offline
If you want to truly learn how a vehicle operates, such as the helicopters or the jets, start a “local” server, and join the game. The game won’t start because there is only 1 player, but you can use all the equipment you want without fear of another player (in multi-player) or a bot (in single-player) getting it first. Whatever you do, DON’T PRACTICE IN AN ACTIVE ONLINE GAME. Sometimes you can find empty servers, or servers where the game hasn’t started due to insufficient players, and that’s a great place to practice, but don’t handicap your team by jerking off in a piece of valuable equipment that could be used to attack the enemy.

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