Modern Conflicts

Modern era would extend here from 1950 to nowadays, and God knows that there has already been a number of conflicts to review now from a historical and gaming perspective, and here are some computer games of interest:

Korean War:

Vietnam war:

Arabo-Israeli wars:
Iran-Iraq conflict:
Soviet-Afghan war:
Gulf wars:
Modern Afghan war:
Other hypothetical conflicts:
  • Battlefield Series (Tactical Skirmish, FPS)
  • Call of Duty – Modern warfare Series (Tactical Skirmish, FPS)
  • America’s Army Series (Tactical Skirmish, FPS)
  • Operation Flashpoint Series (Tactical Skirmish, FPS)
  • Armed Assault Series – ArmA (Tactical Skirmish, FPS)
  • Empires of Steel (Strategic domination)
  • Raging Tiger (2nd Korean War)
  • BCT Commander
  • WinSPMBT

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