Wargaming is a time consuming passion, and one of the biggest challenge is to learn and keep track of game rules as we get ourselves involved in a new conflict simulation. Over time, we have obviously developed some routines and responses to generic concepts such as the CRT (Combat Resolution Tables) and other ZOC (Zone of Control) or LOS (Line of Sight, mostly for tactical wargames).

Nevertheless, and although we are always seduced by innovative approaches, we are probably all secretly dreaming of one system to rule them all, at least at a given level of simulation such as Strategic, Operational or Tactic. And to some extent we are heard by publishers who from time to time come with generic systems giving birth to prolific series or vast collections of scenarios. No doubt this also a strong marketing benefit and revenue driver from a business perspective.

In this page, I’ll start listing these systems that tease our imagination, enlighten our minds but can ruin a marriage 😉

Command at SeaClash of Arms

La Bataille Series – Clash of Arms (Originally Marshall Enterprises)


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