CRUSADER –15 turns
Decisive: hold all objectives by end of turn 15.
Marginal: hold all objectives but El Agheila by end of turn 15.

ALLIES: This is what you get for not doing your job in El Agheila. Here, you get to fight over the same area, but without the benefit of holding Benghazi. You will have to slug your way along the coast with a taskforce toward Benghazi, while the mass of your force uses the desert and the narrow trail to sweep west toward El Agheila (this, of course, after clearing Jerry away from the Tobruk area. Your artillery will be handy in the initial fight around Tobruk, and once you get to the western region, but not much between. Put it in Bren carriers, and keep it there.

AXIS: This one, if played intelligently, is easy. Hold Benghazi. That’s all. Fill the hexes around it with anti-tank guns, a couple air defense units, and some good artillery in Benghazi itself, and you’re set.

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