AHL: American revolution replay

“American Revolution” is the 2nd scenario of American History Lux. I played it at General level and secured victory in 6 turns, here is how.

Initial situation see the British holding all major cities, but Philadelphia and Albany. There are a lot of groups on the ground to rally and consolidate, while French are sending heavy reinforcements across the Atlantic.

With large opts bonuses, New York, Boston, Montreal and Quebec have to be considered as priorities, and on a larger scalene we should get control over the 15pts American colonies ASAP. Then the farmlands bet-yond the Apalaches to the Mississippi should fall pretty quickly once the key towns and forts unlocked.

First thing to do is to chase the Brits from the key coastal cities and prepare the arrival of the French. We want to storm into Boston, New York and York Town. In the North, we prepare the Quebec campaign by besieging Fort Ticonderoga, and we also cut the lines at Fort Niagara (that’s another 2pts).

New York takes 3 turns to be cleaned up, but finally the French arrive. After a quick war at sea, my intention is to secure the northern provinces and the St Laurent first, and then to rush Southward to Charleston, Savanah and Mobile in the far south.

After a turn consolidation and reinforcements, the Brits counter-attack along the Saint Laurent, but I receive unexpected support from the Indians, weakening the enemy’s spearhead in Pittsburg.


After repelling the enemy, I’m ready to launch a pincer manoeuvre to win the heartland: In the North, I rush along the St Laurent up to Fort Detroit, while in the South I encounter only weak resistance until I reach Mobile. In the meantime, the 2 corridors across the Apalaches are firmly secured.

The rest takes 1 turn and is now History.