25 years of Strategy & Tactics for just $20?

Hi peeps, back this morning onto the Australian Wargamer blog, which I have completely let down over the last few months, completely sucked into the black hole of my new career. No good excuse for sure, and I do apologise for those I have left disappointed by not replying to their comments or enquiries, shame on me.

Never to late to do some good, and my first action is to catchup with the latest updates from the industry. As I browse through my subscriptions, I realise it’s about time to become a faithful and regular reader of Strategy & Tactics, the legendary publication from Decision Games. In a few clicks I pay the fee for the next 24 months and I’m about to check out when I notice the “Premium Subscription” offer. A bit curious and greedy, I check this out to discover in awe the Holy Grail I have been looking for for decades: The ability to get access to the (almost) complete collection of S&T back issues, yes nothing less.

The publisher offers to go back in time up to issue #128, dated …. late 1989! Already a bit numb, I get completely stunned when I discover the ridiculously affordable cost for such a privilege: $19.95 … yes TWENTY US DOLLARS to skim through the precious pages accumulated over the last quarter of a century by one of the most iconic wargaming journal and prolific authors.

I bless the day, and start downloading. So should you do too!

Strategy & Tactics Premium Subscription and Library

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