Strike at Karkand

Get ready for some modern warfare. This battle rages through the streets of Karkand with tons of back alleys and buildings to find cover and surprise your enemy. The USMC starts with on uncapturable base. The great thing about this base though, is that it allows you to spawn from three separate locations. The one farthest from battle is where you’ll want to start if you are planning on riding a vehicle in to the fight. The other two place you closer to the battle, but leave you without the mobility and firepower at the main base. The MEC controls three Capture Points to start, and has a Ticket drain penalty imposed upon the USMC as long as they can hold all three of the bases.

The key to victory on either side is to maintain control of the MEC Capture Point closest to the USMC. An intense battle will rage here. If the MEC can hold down their line and prevent the USMC from advancing, victory is theirs. If not, there is little to stop the USMC from rolling straight across the battlefield and taking all of the points. The MEC Commander should have Artillery going at all times just ahead of the defense line you set up. This will relieve much of the pressure placed on your infantry. The MEC infantry should use Anti-Tank and other strong, armored infantry to enable them to keep fighting as long as possible and do maximum damage. Lay down mines on the roads to help prevent the US vehicles from driving over you. The USMC, on the other hand, should make full use of the host of vehicles afforded to you, as well as the multiple roads. If you allow yourself to be funneled into one area, the bullets will come from all sides and you’ll quickly be torn to shreds. The often forgotten about Smoke Grenades make a great tool for masking which direction you are attacking from. Keep your forces spread out so that the MEC has to respond in kind. Hopefully, some of your troops will break through a weak part of their defense and allow the rest to follow.

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