Daqin Oilfields

With only three Capture Points on the map, there isn’t much in the means of strategy on this map. Brute force is going to win. Whichever team controls the central Capture Point will initiate a Ticket drain on the opposing team. If it comes down to a race at the beginning, the USMC will probably win due to their proximity to the central CP. For this reason, if you are playing as the PRC, make sure you take the time at the beginning to get your attack force down. Load up in the vehicles and coordinate an organized assault. Remember, the flag capture radius is large enough in the central CP that you can get it from either upstairs on the platform or from inside the structure on the floor.

Medics can play a key role in this battle. The central Capture Point will be the focus of much of the battle. Being able to consistently revive soldiers in the battle zone without waiting the 15 seconds will go a long way towards giving your team the edge.

Don’t attempt to attack the final Capture Point until you have fully secured the central one. The enemy base is well guarded and they will have access to all of the powerful vehicles that continuously spawn there. Keep one squad at the central Capture Point, and have another begin at your base and ride into the enemy territory on vehicles so that you are not outgunned.

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