Gulf of Oman

This map contains four Capture Points, meaning you’ll have to control 3 of them if you want to bleed Tickets from your opponent. This can be extremely difficult due to the small team sizes. However, the map is very small with little distance to cover between the Capture Points. This map is ideal for a fast strike. Send the bulk of your initial force past the closest neutral Capture Point towards the one closest to the enemy’s base. Leave it up to the Commander and one or two guards to capture the closer one. The Commander should lay down Artillery and provide UAV to the attacking force so that they won’t be overwhelmed in the initial battle.

The railroad tracks that divide the map into two places make an ideal sniping position. You get a clear view of much of the battlefield and have the train to provide cover. If you’re playing as the MEC, the crane inside of your starting base can be climbed. It may be a long way up, but you’ll have a great view of the field and it is an ideal place to provide support by sniping out the enemy.

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