Sharqi Peninsula

This map places the MEC at the foot of a hill with the uncapturable Hotel as their base. The USMC starts with three Capture Points and a Ticket drain imposed on the MEC from the outset. The key to a USMC victory is in being able to hold all three of their Capture Points so that the MEC will end up losing all of their tickets. The CP directly to the north of the Hotel will be the focus of most of the fighting, because it is closest to the MEC base. This CP can be guarded with surprising ease due to the fact that the flag is on top of a building. By placing snipers and other sharpshooters on top of and in the building and those surrounding it, the USMC can easily take out any infantry before they can convert the point. Splitting your forces between this Capture Point and the main base that houses the command structures makes for a solid defense. Shoot out any infantry and vehicles (with the Anti-Tank Kit) as they attempt to march up the hills towards your points, keep Artillery raining down on their base and you victory is at hand. So it appears that the MEC is at a disadvantage in this map. They have the low ground and well defended Capture Points as their goal. If you find that the Construction Site to the north of your base is too heavily guarded, forget about it. The MEC has an advantage in that all of their vehicles are in one place. This makes it very easy to have your entire team loaded up in vehicles advancing on a capture point. The CP to the north is difficult to swarm with vehicles due to the many buildings to hide in. Ride around it and take over the other two Capture Points. This leaves the USMC with almost no offensive capabilities and a severely difficult time of getting back into battle.

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