Shoghua Stalemate

This is a very evenly fought match. Each team is given a base that has a single road leading off of it to the central area that houses two neutral Capture Points. Air superiority is the key to victory on this map. Each team is equipped with a transport copter. While not strong on the offensive, these vehicles allow a squad to quickly move from base to base and hover over Capture Points to quickly convert them. Don’t forget to fill up the helicopter. If you do, the Capture Point will be converted in literally a few seconds.

The remaining players who are not in the helicopter should make sure that the other team doesn’t do the same thing to you. The APCs given to each base are great. They can shoot down helicopters effectively and cross the watery terrain that covers much of this map. The fast moving team that can assert themselves in the air and quickly take over all of the bases will be victorious. If possible, fly the helicopter over to the enemy base and convert that Capture Point. That will leave them without access to a helicopter in the event that you manage to shoot theirs down.

If the helicopters aren’t working out for you, don’t forget about the boats. In conjunction with an APC, you can launch an amphibious attack that will oftentimes flank and surprise an opponent trying to defend a Capture Point.

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