Battlefield 3 announced, BF2 revival on Mac

We are now eagerly expecting Battlefield 3 in October!
Sequel of what is probably known as the best multi-player real-time skirmish wargame ever published on PC and consoles, BF2.
The trailer is just a big punch in the face:

In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite u.s. marines. as the first boots on the ground, players will experience heart-pounding missions across diverse locations including Paris, Tehran and New York. as a u.s. marine in the field, periods of tension and anticipation are punctuated by moments of complete chaos. as bullets whiz by, as walls crumble, as explosions force players to the ground, the battlefield feels more alive and interactive than ever before.

Waiting for that, I’m caught in a revival of BF2 on my Mac, good fun!

Loading in the VMWare Windows Appliance

Go, go, Go! Dalia Plant …

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