European indies: Europa Simulazioni

Europa SimulazioniEurope can be surprising, particularly in such times troubled by the GFC, and you can see cute, lean and smart game studios popping up from the most unexpected places … like Piacenza, a medium sized city in Northern Italy! That’s where “Europa Simulazioni” was born in 2006, a small company devoted to publish simulation boardgames in unusual historical periods. And their logo is a vibrant reminder of their city’s coat of arms 🙂

The first of them was All is lost save Honour, Campaigns of the Italian Wars in the north of Italy between 1509 and 1525 (from Agnadello to Pavia). Then  they have released Guelphs and Ghibellines in 2009, a nice simulation of the traditional clashes between 13th century armies (3 battles covered). And in 2011 they came with Strafexpedition, a title covering the Italian Wars during WWI in 1916, using battalion level units, and coming with a brand-new impulse system, which allows a remarkable level of interaction between the two players.

Europa Simulazioni Games

They are now preparing an opus on the First War of Independence: “Custoza, Fields of Doom“. In July 1848, the battle between the Piedmomtese Army under King Carlo Alberto and the Austro-Hungarian Army under Field Marshall Radetzky signed the turning point of the First Independence War, and the defeat of the Piedmontese dream of an Italian Crusade against Austro-Hungary.

Good luck to our Italian fellows, keep up the good job!
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