Black Cross / Blue Sky add-on out … and sold out!

Lost SquadronsBlack Cross / Blue Sky is a reference for Air Combat during WWII. The game is published by Blue Sky Enterprises and covers the battle for Britain at a tactical level with focus on air units, but also involving naval and terrestrial objectives. Find out more about the game here.

John F. Stanoch strikes again by publishing the add-on “Lost Squadron“, first seen this August 2012 at the World Boardgaming Championships held in Lancaster PA, USA. The game seems to have been well received as all of the stock was sold out at the show. Players are now able to expand their gaming experience with “Black Cross/Blue Sky” by adding the French, Polish and Dutch air forces. Ships are also introduced including the French battleship ‘Richelieu’.

Black Cross / Blue Sky game board

The Pitch of Lost Squadron: Months before the commencement of the Battle of Britain, the skies over Europe witnessed intense aerial battles of obsolete and outnumbered Allied aircraft fighting desperately for survival against incredible odds and widely superior aircraft of the German Luftwaffe. This was the stage upon which the Lost Squadrons flew. The Polish, French, Dutch and ubiquitous British air forces tried valiantly but in vaint to blunt Germany’s invasion of Europe from the air. Now you can fly as these desperate and brave pilots to see if you can change the course of history!

But you’ll have to wait for a reprint of Lost Squadrons, stay tuned.
(Although it has been seen on eBay)

An enthusiast review by Marco Arnaudo

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