Supremacy revival downunder

Supremacy the game of superpowersYes we did it: Unearthed the crates, opened the game box, set up the board and counters and distributed the resource cards to 5 amateur wargamers gathered in North Sydney for a discovery session.

And that was quite a lot of fun indeed, just playing with the basic set and rule book. China, Russia, Europe, Africa and USA were around the table, leaving South America and RotW to pirates and neutral powers. After a round of observation, some remarkable operations took place, with Africa’s sudden strike on Maghreb and Egypt, Europe “pacifying” Iran (and incidentally plundering for oil), Russia and China colonising and splitting Australia, America striving for reunification with its southern neighbours, a remake of the Anschluss in Poland and Romania, and of the Falklands war.

The game ended too early, as some super-powers were emerging with Satellite technology, but still no sign of nuclear fire. No doubts our next Supremacy night will see bolder warmongers and financial powers around the table.

Supremacy is a well balanced game, that will take all Risk-lovers one step further on their wargaming journey.  Unfortunately it’s an oldie out of print today, but you can still try to find a used box on the web. If you want to know more visit our Supremacy Page!

Supremacy - Initial Setup

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