2,000 ASL scenarios that matters

As a SL/ASL fan since almost 30 years, I believe I have now a fairly decent collection of nearly 2,000 scenarios, that I’m happy to share here. Other collectors, feel free to be in touch to exchange cards!

ASL scenarios can be found in 3 main categories:

  • Core scenarios published with original ASL Modules, Action Packs and Scenario packs (about 370 scenarios)
  • Scenarios published by magazines, both official and fanzines: ASL Journal and Annuals, The General, Le Franc Tireur, Schwerpunkt, Tactiques, Vae Victis, Critical Hit, View from the Trenches, etc. (about 1,100 scenarios)
  • Historical studies by AH/MMP or gamers groups such as Le Franc Tireur, HOB, Critical Hit, … (About 500+)
A full list of the scenarios in my private collection can be found here: 2,000 scenarios that matters. For obvious copyright reasons, I cannot share them in PDF format. Just contact me if you want to trade some.

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