Setting up for ASL

Rain, rain, rain … always a good reason to shake the dust on your old Squad Leader rulebooks! And as it’s not very easy to find a sparing partner these days, a good option is to review the game rules solo, but also to get ready to start a game online thanks to Vassal!

Let me tell you how you can very quickly set up your computer for that:

OK, you should be ready to start your first game with scenario S1, “Retaking Vierville” (PDF File: ASL – Starter Kit #1 – Scenario S1), which takes place during Operation Overlord, or the Invasion of France, on 07 June 1944. There is only infantry involved, without support weapons, artillery (in ASLSK2) nor armour (ASLSK3): Elements of US 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment are taking small village of Vierville, but they are challenged by elements of German grenadier regiments garrisoning the area, supported by some squads of the Elite 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment.

I have created my own setup in VASL, as shown below.

But Patrick Ireland certainly did a better job than I did, so I suggest you get his files, as illustrated below.

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