Need a war movie? Look at!

Wargamers come from different backgrounds, cultures, psychological profiles … but 2 drivers are uniting them all: Gaming and History! Actually, I even considered renaming this blog “The Historical Gamer” , as it might make a lot more sense, and I was pleased the other day to stumble upon this Facebook page titled “The Historical Boardgamer“.

Anyway, as for gaming, we have boards and computers indeed …. now for the historical part, it’s all about reading books and magazines … and watching movies or documentaries! In that regard we are living blessed times with unprecedented on demand offers at BBC, National Geographic and several other sources.

One of the best reference site I found is, where you will appreciate the clean and simple classification by conflict and century or period of time. For instance, I was stunned to see how many movies about WWI I simply had never heard of. A good bookmark to keep at hand for aimless evenings.

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