Innovative Beta Season is open for PC wargamers!

I’m secretly hoping that this could be another sign of revival for hardcore wargaming: On the one hand, the big  Publishers are coming with brand new titles covering various eras:

But on the other hand, and maybe most importantly, we see more and more small or indie studios coming to the market with incredibly innovative game concepts, and I have recently shortlisted 2 of them:
Iron Cross is a real-time multiplayer strategy wargame set in North African theatre during Second World War. It combines strategy with operational level of war. Player chooses Axis or Allied side and is given command over armies, corps, divisions, battalions, airforce, engineering and logistics. He can choose from historical and fictional campaigns, operations and battles. Game is free to play for everyone!  =>
Unity of Command is a turn-based strategy game that combines easy-to-learn gameplay with historically accurate recreations of epic WWII battles of the Stalingrad Campaign. Players fill in for famous commanders such as von Manstein and Zhukov, practicing the art of operational warfare in a novel gaming system focused squarely on combat and manoeuvre. The game is commercial but is currently in free to play beta. I’ve just got on board and I’ll start reviewing the game shortly. But I can already tell the gameplay is really innovative.

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