Why did Barbarossa Fail?

That’s the question addressed by the Annual 2010 issue of Against the Odds magazine, that I have just received with the back issues collection I ordered a few days ago, sweet!

The approach proposed by Nigel Davies is to review the 9 most frequent myths about Operation Barbarossa, this incredibly ambitious operation launched by Hitler to crush the Soviet Empire in a 6-month blitzkrieg, in a manner very similar to what he did in the set. obviously that never although almost succeeded. Here are the myths examined under the lens:

  1. Hitler was mad to attempt it
  2. Stalin was mad to ignore evidence that it was coming
  3. The attack only failed because of Hitler’s inference in the operations
  4. The attack was not compromised by the British intervention in the Balkans
  5. The Soviets successfully traded space for time and were never in danger of total collapse
  6. The Soviets were only saved by “General Winter”
  7. The Wehrmacht had made no preparations for a winter campaign
  8. The Wehrmacht had vastly underestimated the opposition and never stood a chance
  9. Once they had survived the initial attack, the Soviet response would be overwhelming and inevitable.
I can only urge you to read this very good article to understand why the odds were probably quite balanced, making of this operation one of the richest for modern wargamers. The Annual 2010 comes in addition with 4 good games related to the operation:
  • Hitler turns East
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Strike the bear
  • Codeword: Barbarossa
Big thank you to ATO.

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