Vae Victis #100 is out with a new formula

Congratulations to our French friends of Vae Victis, they are demonstrating here unusual but well deserved longevity in the Wargaming space, especially for a title available only in French (actually the only French publication I know).

With issue #100, there are some significant and interesting changes:

  • 6 issues per year and you can select if you want the game included as a leaflet or under zipped packaging with die-cut counters.
  • No more special issues, as it was unclear to give a clear focus to this title.
  • 16 more pages per issue, definitely an excellent decision!
  • Games can de ordered separately as boxed games with die-cut counters

The game included in this issue is “Les Rois Francs”, it’s based on the generic system “A la Charge” (first issued in VV#87) and it covers 4 battles of the IXth century: Fontenoy en Puisaye, Jengland, Brissarthe and Montfaucon en Argonne.

That was the perfect occasion for me to renew my subscription, and I just can’t wait to hold this #100 in my hands. Congratulations!


Early reviews by 2 French bloggers:

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