Like #900 for Lock ‘n Load Facebook page!

Just stumbled upon this amazing wargames publisher, Lock ‘n Load, owned by Mark H. Walker. And coming to their Facebook page, I was surprised and honoured to be the #900, yeehaah! Keep up the good job guys, 1,000 is not far away now.

I ‘ve been attracted by their new title put on P500 pre-ordering system, “World at War:America Conquered” (trendy these days).

=> Have a look

World at War: America Conquered


3 thoughts on “Like #900 for Lock ‘n Load Facebook page!

    • Hi Kevin, thank you very much for your support 🙂 I can see we are thriving to promote the same passion, my turn to congratulate you for your blog that I will follow from now on. you got me excited with your video reviews of Heroes of the Gap, I think I’ll give it a go. How is life in Texas these days? Speak soon mate.

  1. TX is a fine place to live. Once you get past the belt buckles, Stetsons and smoking hot women.
    ……Suffice to say I have made a home here with wonderful laid back friends. All we need is a beach and a freaking break from the heat, summer is all hardcore here. Easily 24-27C until midnight.Then over 35C by 11am.
    HotG is a wonderful system. I just put Combat Commander and the balance of my Panzer Grenadier on the market. This is my squad based game of choice. I can’t believe it took me so long to find it. A very nice balance of accessibility and realism (as far as war games go). I still prefer TCS for platoon/company level grand tactical but this fits the bill nicely.

    Keep up the yoemans work on the site. You must be pretty technical based upon the format, and CSS style sheets I see. I’m stuck in proforma template land as a rookie wordpress fella.

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