AEL – War in the Indus Valley – 14040 points

c.2600 BC-c.1900 BC – The once nomadic Dravidian society, now inhabiting the Indus Valley, has blossomed over the ages. Making giant leaps in science, urban planning, and technology, the Indus Valley is now one of the world’s largest and most advanced civilizations. Being highly egalitarian, the Indus Valley has remained peaceful for ages, being referred to by some as a magnificent utopia.

As trade flourishes, more cities begin to emerge as commercial centers and rivalries are developing between them. A rich and powerful merchant class has emerged and the civilization heads down a dark, unknown path towards war.

The largest economic centers, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, and Lothal are vying for total dominance of the region. Meanwhile, the smaller cities have been forced to form alliances in order stand a chance in the upcoming battle. The southern cities, led by the distant outpost of Sutkagen Dor, are spread thin, but are resilient. The northern cities, led by the commanding city of Ganweriwala, are strong and steadfast. Lead your army and once again return the valley to peace and prosperity!

As the leader of the very isolated Southern Cities, in this King Level, our priority is to secure a safe backyard, by conquering the Southern Plains.

First we pacify the Kutch peninsula …

Then we colonise Northern Mahi, done!

In the meantime, Yellow and Red imperialism strikes our walls. And we have to secure some strongholds to contain the barbarian waves.

To weaken Red, we decide to storm over Mohenjo-Daro, by far the largest economic and cultural centre of the Indus Valley.

With little resistance opposed, we continue northward to capture Gamwerwala, and even Rheman Dheri. In the South, Surkotada is freed!

Opportunistically, Yellow launches a massive offensive along the Indus river. We let it go and stall by itself, while sacking their capital Harappa in a contournment manoeuvre.

Time to fight back, we secure our empire with a 3-lock points operation on the key Indus cities.

After Yellow’s last stand, we pacify the Red Hindu Kush valley in a breeze. Victory!

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