AEL – Egyptian Kingdom – 11316 points



11316 points is my new high score on the Egyptian Kingdom, at King’s level and playing the hardest position in About Simbel. Here is a breakdown of the strategy deployed.

Initial situation in Abou Simbel is very unstable, with 4 fronts open with Green and Orange. Choices have to be taken and decisions made, and I believe that protecting our backdoor should be the priority => Hence the campaign to secure the Southern plains, starting with a solid assault on Soleb in the south-west, with a view to cross the Nile to Semna. At the same time, we try to cut reinforcements from the East.

A good job! Now we regroup forces on the northern frontiers. Green is a pacifist and I choose to strike a nasty blow to weaken Red, with a bypassing manoeuvre inside the remote western deserts. As Green scouts our homeland near About Simbel, I build up an assault on Thebes in the East to divert him, and with a view to easily control the Red Sea corridor.

The conquest of the Western lands has been a real blitz and I can almost see the walls of Memphis in the far North! But I opt for a pause, in order to secure the rear lines by besieging Mayr, and cleaning the banks of the Nile from both Red and Green once for all.

Remnants of the Red forces are lingering down the walls of Mayr, but this battle is over, and I now feel fully confident to launch a river assault on the Nile Delta. First stop is Memphis which is swiftly sacked  and the surroundings secured.

Red surrender the next turn, and pacifying Yellow lands in the far East is a matter of 1 or 2 turns. Victory in a total of 12 turns, bringing 11316 points!



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