Legion Wargames – Unexplored Military Conflicts

Legion Wargames is a sole proprietorship company, created by Randy Lein. It has taken over from Khyber Pass Games and is focused on “Unexplored Military Conflicts”.

The Games produced  by LWG are generally professional quality boxed games with full size maps & die-cut EasyPunch counters. Because the topics of the games are somewhat less well known, the print runs are quite small, 750 – 1,000 copies each, depending on the game.  But that does not mean that the amount of work that goes into the design, artwork, and production is any less than the mainstream games produced by larger companies. There are quite a few games available for pre-order waiting for production and if all goes well at least 4 of those games will be released in 2011.

Prairie Aflame! – The Northwest Canada Rebellion – 1885

A Splendid Little War – The 1898 Santiago Campaign

Saipan – Island Wars series vol. I – 1944

B-29 SUPERFORTRESS – Bombers Over Japan – 1944-1945

Ici, c’est la France – The Algerian War of Independence – 1954-62

The number of titles availables in CPO mode is impressive, as shown below. Visit this page to know more: http://www.legionwargames.com/legion_pre-order.php

3 thoughts on “Legion Wargames – Unexplored Military Conflicts

  1. As designer of Ici, c’est la France! and Tonkin I can say that the quality of the components is very high, as well as the quality of all the designs.

  2. Hi Kim, thanks for your contribution. There’s little doubts about the quality of of the game components, and more importantly the game concept is truly innovative, congratulations. I hope these young and modest columns will help you attract more supporters! All the best.

    • Thanks for your praise and the attention you are giving Legion. Randy Lein at Legion is doing a great job. The next game in line to be published is Slouch hat & Eggshells, designed by Vance van Borries. It really looks like a great game.

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