Casus Belli – Entire collection for download

I stumbled upon a French abandon ware website were I could find some golden nuggets from my childhood and teenage time, and the CASUS BELLI magazine was definitely one of them. I’m moved today to upload here the front cover of issue #001, dated April 1980.

This first issue included interesting introductory articles about 3 cult titles:

  • Panzergrupe Guderian, a wargame on the Russian front during World War II
  • Diplomacy, the paranoiac game
  • Dungeons & Dragons, ancestor of all modern RPGs.

=> To download these wondrous pages, get there right now:

=> You might also like the almost complete collect  of “Jeux & Stratégie“:

Wikipedia entries:

Wargames reviewed in Jeux & Stratégie #001: Panzerblitz and Panzer Leader, cult AH titles


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